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Koi Circle embroidered square cushion

Koi Circle embroidered square cushion

Silk, embroidery, medium size

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Very popular in Asia, the Koi Fish is a symbol of good fortune, virility, longevity and perseverance. This symbolism is rooted in an old Chinese legend: the perseverance of a Koi fish swimming the Yellow River upstream; fighting the current to reach the top of the waterfall to be rewarded by the gods who turned it into a golden dragon. The carp has thus become a symbol of success, determination and destiny fulfilled. This legend remains celebrated today during Koinobori, when young children are wished success.

Product information

  • Black Embroidery, Ivory Silk
    • Other finishing available on request
  • Dimensions: L 50 x W 50 cm
  • Lalique Maison | Designed by Lady Tina Green & Pietro Mingarelli

Reference: 11602110

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