Arik Levy

Arik Levy is a multitalented artist, whose many forms of expression include sculpture, painting, photography, design and video. He claims “55 years - his age - of creative endeavour”. Self-taught, born in Israel, he moved to Europe after his first participation in a group exhibition in Tel Aviv in 1986, and founded his art and design studio in Paris in 1992. Arik Levy made a name for himself amongst art lovers, but also in the world of design – creating furniture, interiors, jewellery, lightings, corporate identities, clothing lines ... – and in the field of contemporary dance through his stage settings. Inspired by primitive forms and materials, which he perceives both emotionally and scientifically, Arik Levy has seen his creations exhibited in galleries and museums and permanently installed in public spaces.

OUR COLLABORATION gives birth to RockStone 40. Arik Levy has reinterpreted in crystal “Rock”, his signature sculpture that has made his worldwide reputation. Magnified by the reflections on the Lalique crystal, this mineral form, 40 centimetres in height, reveals multiple facets, ridges and intertwined lines, sometimes repeated, sometimes transformed. The new series of Rockstone 40 finds its colour inspiration from the aurora borealis. The magnetic, mystic and spiritual power attributed to crystal, takes here a turn of colour and connection to our powerful nature and its extraordinary effects.