Through the eyes of designer Sabine Marcelis

The 2024 Millésime collection

Lalique makes its way into the home of Sabine Marcelis, Dutch designer and figurehead of contemporary design. This provides an opportunity to converse with her about craftsmanship and Les Millésimes, iconic Lalique pieces she has selected for their interplay of light and transparency, boldly integrated into her interior.

“What I find really fascinating with Lalique is that they work with this crystal that is super clear. I'm always really fascinated about all the different things you can do with one material“

Virtuosity & Know-how

The Bacchantes Vase

In the intimacy of her Rotterdam loft, Sabine Marcelis shares her love of decorative objects, art and the different styles that fuel her creative vision.

“You can really feel almost the time and the virtuosity of the craftsmanship that has gone in to it. One thing that I think is quite special  about working with both glass and crystal actually, like Lalique does, is that these materials are inherently cold and hard. It's really a challenge to have the outcome be something soft and sensual, that makes you want to look closer and explore more.”


Contemporary & Audacious

The Mossi Vase

“This Mossi vase here is actually designed in the 1930s, but it is super contemporary still. Its design is bold and audacious enough that you don't necessarily need to fill it. It's just a beautiful stand alone sculpture as is usual.“

With its unique style and kaleidoscopic effect, the Mossi vase mesmerizes. It's a precious object that can be collected like a work of art.


Radiance & Purity


Each piece, the fruit of Lalique's exceptional craftsmanship, captures the light and magnifies spaces with sophistication.

“The Lalique Champs-Elysées bowl changes the way you perceive it depending on where it's placed. Here, when we have it on the glass table next to direct sunlight, it really bounces off both the glass and itself, its own crystal entity.”