We are delighted to announce our return to the Metaverse, following the resounding success of our NFT collection launched in October 2022.

True to our commitment to innovation, we have chosen the Metaverse as a canvas to present the Empreinte Animale collection in an unprecedented manner. The virtual showroom is not just a display of art; it is an immersive and gamified journey into the heart of nature. Adventurous users embarking on this quest will be transported to the natural habitats of the showcased animals, where they can interact with the collection's creations as they would in the wild.

This unique showroom invites participants to engage in a series of interactive experiences that lead them through lush jungles, majestic savannahs, and sparkling rivers. As users discover each product, they will unlock fascinating details about its design and inspiration. Moreover, participants delving into this digital immersive odyssey stand a chance to win exciting prizes upon completing the quest, adding an element of thrill to explore the world of Lalique like never before.

"Once again, we push the boundaries between traditional elegance and latest technology. Experience our commitment to digital innovation and how we are shaping the future of luxury", says Marcel Härtlein, Group Head Digital.

By combining the essence of the Empreinte Animale collection with the immersive potential of the Metaverse, we are creating a space where art, nature, and technology converge to deliver a truly unforgettable journey.

Immerse yourself in the Lalique Metaverse Experience, at: