We are proud to present the highly anticipated second edition of the Lalique and Dictador collaboration. Building upon the resounding success of the first collaboration, which was presented in a clear crystal decanter, this second edition of Dictador Generations en Lalique takes things up a notch with a striking black, onyx-like, crystal Lalique bottle.

The bottle, Dictador Generations en Lalique, is inspired by the magical and mysterious beauty of the Caribbean Sea, with its magnificent reflections, and calming soundscapes of beaches lapped by crystalline waters. Lalique has captured the character of this natural wonder by incorporating the water patterns in its masterpiece.

Sculpted using Lalique's signature frosted technique, this adds mesmerizing depth and dimension to the already stunning artwork that is Dictador Generations en Lalique, both a stroke of creative genius and a feat of technical mastery. Only 300 bottles will be produced and released onto the market, making it a truly limited edition.

The Dictador Generations en Lalique 2 decanter is priced at 25,000€.

For sale requests please contact:

Etienne de La Morsanglière 
Chef de projet Fine Spirits Auction
La Maison de Whisky - LMDW