Channeling the charm of La Dolce Vita, the Ares Modena Wami Lalique Spyder, born from a collaboration between Lalique and Ares Modena, pays homage to some of the finest roadsters of the 1950s and 60s.

Established in 2014 by Dany Bahar and Waleed al Ghafari, distinguished international executives, the coachbuilder Ares exemplifies versatility by demonstrating an exceptional proficiency across all facets of automotive design.

Once more, Ares Modena reinvigorates the time-honored art of coachbuilding by seamlessly melding Italy’s rich artisanal heritage with cutting-edge technologies. Together with Lalique, the coachbuilder unveiled a unique retro-styled roadster reminiscent of a bygone era.

Designed and developed in-house at Ares Modena’s Centro Stile in Italy, the carbon fiber body of the Wami is handcrafted.

The interior and exterior are adorned with 13 bespoke Lalique crystal elements in harmony with the English oak and fine leather, celebrating the automotive heritage dear to Lalique. The 13 handcrafted jewels, which are incorporated into the cockpit, seats, gear clutch, tires, and front badge, feature some iconic Lalique motifs, such as Masque de Femme and Coutard. Each of these motifs have been adapted for use in the interiors of the car. The Lalique Hirondelles motif is also embossed on the leather headsets and steering wheel.

Powered by a 231 horsepower six-cylinder engine, the Ares Modena Wami Lalique Spyder’s performance is underpinned by modern, reliable, and refined engineering.

Ares and Lalique share the same values of luxury and tradition, combining modern technology with traditional manufacturing methods to produce unique creations that transcend time and fashion.

A total of 12 cars will be produced, featuring 4 different colors, including Amalfi Red and Mediterranean Light Blue.

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